Saturday, February 10, 2007

Motorola v323i and iSync

Last week I got a new Motorola v323i phone from US Cellular (which blows my old LG out of the water). I wanted just a basic phone with bluetooth and decent reception so I could sync it with my iMac. Unfortunately, it doesn't just work out of the box since iSync doesn't support the phone.

After a little research, I found this reference on how to write your own phone plugin. I also found this guy's site where he had already written a plugin for a v325 (basically the same phone).

So with a little tweaking, I made my own v323i plugin. To use this, unzip to your Library\PhonePlugins folder. You might have to create the PhonePlugins folder if it doesn't exist. Then add your phone as a bluetooth device, and if all goes well, you should then be able to add it in iSync.

Right now, I haven't built in USB support so it's bluetooth only. Also, for some reason the phone icon doesn't work, but it will sync your contacts and calendar. Feel free to shoot any questions or problems my way...or if you know of a better place for file hosting.

Get it here...


Chris Gray said...

I've been searching high and low ever since I bought my Motorola V323i from US Cellular for some way to get it recognized and useable by iSync.

Thank you _very much_ for sharing this!

It works well.

Kevin said...

I've done as you instructed, but isync still does not locate my phone.

Any ideas what's gone wrong?

jesse boyd said...

this doesn't seem to work with the latest isync 2.4 i think the file structure has changed as well as some of the text structure.

Adam said...

I'm going to revisit this in Leopard.

James McTyre said...

I've got a 322i and your patch works great on Leopard.
Now, what kind of file does a file have to be to get transferred to the phone?

Adam said...

I've got an iPhone now, so I won't be working on this anymore :)