Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well I guess that was pointless...

Funny. I just figured out how to get access to my GMail through AIM mail, and Google introduces IMAP to email.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gmail IMAP via AIM mail

I was about to break down and pay for some mail service that has IMAP so I could use the instructions on downloadSquad for accessing GMail through IMAP when I noticed that apparently the free AIM Mail account that everyone who has a AIM screenname gets supports IMAP, and apparently has no space limit (or that I could find anyway), so that solves all my problems right there. Finally, I'll be able to access my GMail in a client on my iMac, laptop, and my iPhone jailbroken iPod Touch. So here's how I did it:
  1. You'll need an AIM account that you don't already use for mail. If you don't already have one, sign up for one.
  2. Follow steps 1 - 6 of the instructions at downloadSquad to get your AIM account set up in your mail client. You'll need to know a little about how to set up an email account in your client. The important parts are:
    • The AIM IMAP server is imap.aim.com
    • Use your GMail address as the email address (not your AIM one)
    • Use your AIM login and password for the IMAP server
    • Make sure to use GMail's smtp server with your GMail address as your username and your GMail password.
  3. In Apple Mail and on iPhoney I had to set the correct folders for Sent, Drafts, and Trash.
That's pretty much it. I haven't come across any problems so far, but I'm surprised I hadn't seen that anyone else has done this before.

Jailbreaking iPhoney, my iPod Touch

I love my iPod Touch "iPhoney". I like pretending I'm super cool and making fake phone calls on it in Hannaford. But I love it a lot more now that I've bitten the bullet and jailbroken it using iJailbreak. The process took a while, but was really simple. All I had to do was start it up, tell it if I wanted to install the iPhone apps (yes!), and restart it a few times when told to. Any doubts about doing it are completely gone, and my iPod screen is full of cool stuff now, including the iPhone Mail and Notes applications.